Top 6 Foods You Should Try While Staying in Israel

Are you planning a trip to Israel or feeling like trying some exotic foods? Countries in that geographic area offer a wide range of foreign products, great artists and awesome foods! Food tourism in Israel is not something rare; after all the country is shaped by people from 120 countries, so it’s a melting pot that collects the best foods only.

Falafel Balls from Israel

To fully absorb the culture and acquire a better understanding of Israel and its people, you have to try local foods:

  1. Kanafe
    If you haven’t tried this one, you’ve never been to Israel. It’s a very popular dessert, which is usually served with yogurt. Basically, it’s cheese pastry and lots of syrup. It might seem too sweet for a person not used to the local cuisine.
  2. Falafel
    It’s a unique dish and a portion you can get on one street will be completely different from the one you get on another. This Egyptian and now Israeli treat is very nutritious and delicious.
  3. An eggplant with yogurt or baba ganoush.
    Eggplants here are like omelets in the US. Eggplants are mostly eaten for breakfast, but the option with baba ganoush is frequently served for dinner too.
  4. Schwarma
    This one is going international now; you can enjoy schwarma in wraps even in Russia. Those wraps are good for street food, plus, with vegetables it turns to a very nutritious and fairly healthy meal.
  5. Shakshouka
    This could be very familiar for a person coming from the US or Europe. However, shakshouka doesn’t just consist of eggs and tomatoes; the spices in the dish make it hot. It’s a traditional Israeli breakfast, originated in North Africa.
  6. S’hug.
    It’s a very spicy sauce (made only from hot peppers) and it’s often added everywhere.

Trying Israeli food while being on a trip is a must. The food culture in the country is very developed, and you will find that the majority of dishes are not expensive. Israel is also rich in takeaway, street food.